Date:    Thursday, October 26th,

Time:   7:00pm.

Where: Royal Canadian Legion, Branch # 34, Vimy Lounge, 215 Mississauga St. East

All proposed Constitutional and Manual of Operation changes must be submitted to the OLMB Secretary no later than Wednesday, September 20th.

The AGM is open to all members of Orillia Legion Minor Baseball, who are in good standing.

2018 Rep Coaches and Try-Out Dates

Please see the below tryout dates and team coaches for the 2018 season.

All players attending a tryout will be charged a  one-time $20.00 tryout fee.  Eg. If a player wants to tryout for a rep team and also a select team, the cost is only $20.00.  In terms of attending tryouts, each coach has different expectations – however, you should most certainly show up for the first tryout at which the head coach will explain his process and expectations.

Rookie Ball (2009-2010) 

Coach: Mike Winacott     email:

Mon Sept 18— 6-7:30 Rookie-Heliotis Field Tryout 1

​Thurs Sept 21- 6-7:30 Rookie Heliotis Field Tryout 2

Sun Sep 24- 10-12 Rookie – Heliotis Field Tryout  3

Mosquito (2007-2008)

Coach Jason Pritchard      email:

Thurs Sept 21- 6-8pm Mosquito Ross Field Tryout 1

Tues Sept 26  6-8pm Mosquito-Ross Field Tryout 2

Thur Sept 28  6-8 mosquito Ross Field Tryout 3

Peewee (2005-2006)

Coach: Tim Timpano         email:

Mon Sept 18— 8-10 Peewee Ross Field Tryout 1

Sun Sept 24- 10-12 Peewee -Ross Field Tryout 2

Tues Sept 26  8-10  Peewee- Ross Field Tryout 3

Bantam (2003-2004)

Coach: Wes Winkel          email:

Tues Sept 19– 8-10 pm bantam Ross Field Tryout 1

Monday Sept 25 8-10  Bantam- Ross Field Tryout 2

Thur Sept 28- 8-10 bantam  Ross Field Tryout 3

Midget (2001-2002)

Coach: Chris Woodman   email:

Wed Sept 20– ​8:30-10:30 Midget Ross Field Tryout 1

Thurs Sept 21- 8-10 Midget Ross Field Tryout 2

Wed Sept  27- 8-10 Midget Ross Field Tryout 3

Junior (1999-2000)

Coach: Mike Provesano     email:

Mon Sept 18— 6-8pm Junior Ross Field Tryout 1

Monday Sept 25 6-8pm Junior- Ross Field Tryout 2

Wed Sept 27   6-8 Junior Ross Field Tryout 3


*Will offer a Select tryouts after Rep Teams have been fulfilled in each division.  Final classification of team (Rep or Select) will be determined based on player turnout and quality of players participating.
**Rookie, Mosquito, Peewee and Bantam Select tryout cuts will not occur until after all Peewee Rep Tryouts.  Players trying out for rep are encouraged to also try out for Select.


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