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Please view the list of 2019 OLMB Executives to contact any member. Please ensure the word Baseball in the subject line to ensure the recipient reads your email.

Position Name  
President Wes Winkel Send Email
VP of Operations Tim Timpano Send Email
Director of; House League Mike Serbinek Send Email
Director of Rep / Select Darrell Woodley Send Email
Secretary Heather Bertram Send Email
Treasurer Bev Mackey Send Email
Registrar Katherine DeCaire Send Email
Equipment Manager Darryl Moland Send Email
Public Relations Amy Winacott Send Email
Sponsorship Ed Novosky Send Email
Fundraising Mike Winacott Send Email
Umpire in Chief Nancy Watson Send Email
Director at Large Terry Errico Send Email
Director at Large Joe Windsor Send Email
Past President John Hammill Send Email
Legion Representative Rick Purcell Send Email
Administrative Assistant Teddi Cathcart

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